Kerteminde Marina

Kerteminde municipality

The marina remained in the early ’70s

laid out as one of the country’s largest marinas, and with its 700 seats and up to 10,000 guest nights still belongs in the category..

Filled up with moorings and the call of up to almost 300 guest sailors per. day high season, there may occasionally be congestion on the water. On land, it is not only sailors who are drawn to the port. “Land crabs” also seek this, especially on the good summer evenings. It is also this congestion on both water and land that helps to give a, at times, southern atmosphere on the promenade that runs along the entire harbor basin.

Along the promenade are stalls with tables, benches and barbecue areas for free use. The playgrounds for the children are also next to the promenade. So do all the amenities, and it’s all crowned by a good restaurant at each end of the Marina. Many of the regulars in Kerteminde are active racing and touring sailors, and the clubs are major organizers of everything from dinghy conventions over evening matches and distance racing to touring events.
Kerteminde is well covered in case of an accident on the water. For the more serious accidents, the Navy Home Guard and Falck move out. For the accidents that have not yet become so dangerous that SOK needs to be involved, a department of the Danish Sea Rescue Service was established in 2008. For information about available berths in Kerteminde Marina, you are welcome to contact the port office per. phone or mail.