Facilities for Guest Sailors

Kerteminde Marina was first built in the 1970s. The whole area has now been modernised, and we are looking forward to showing off the new service buildings.

Toilets, shower and sailing room:

At the Marina along the promenade there are 2 newer service buildings, which contain a toilet, single and family baths and a sailing room with kitchen facilities and an info screen. There is also a small ‘exchange a book’ bookcase.


There is easy access to getting rid of waste in the 5 waste yards which are distributed along the promenade. We encourage waste sorting!

Electricity and water:

Residents pay port rent. Guest sailors pay per day. Cards can be bought from the machine on the north side of the harbor office building.


Diesel can be refueled at Nordre Havnekaj from the blue container. The tank is open 24 hours a day during the sailing season. Contact the harbor office for access out of season. Gasoline at gas stations 200 m from the marina.


There is free wireless internet access. The code can be found at the port office and on the receipt for the purchase of guest tickets.

Environmental station:

Waste oil can be handed in at the scrap yard at the port office and at the scrap yard at the towing site. Port authority/assistants offer free emptying of brown water/holding tank. Contact the port office or assistants at the marina. Empty paint buckets, batteries and/or similiar enviormentally harmful waste can be placed next to the containers for oil, then the port staff will dispose it in an environmentally correct manner.


In december 2023, the entrepreneurial company Munck Havne & Anlæg began the renovation project of the crane berth at Kerteminde Marina. The project involves an enlargement of the berth, a new asphalt pavement, the installations of three new cranes and the estblishement of a new enviormental station. The project is expected to be finished in April. 

Towing location:

There is a slipway in the middle of the marina that can be used by everyone. Single or multi-trip tickets can be bought from the machine on the north side of the harbor office. See prices under ‘Guest yachts’.


There are two playgrounds along the marina.

Barbecue areas:

Along the promenade there are tables and benches with barbecue areas. Reserved for the port’s paying guests and residents.